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Planting Miscanthus in Arkansas

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Aloterra Energy is the first commercial scale biomass company in the US. Together with our partner company, MFA Oil Biomass, we have planted over 18,000 acres of dedicated biomass crops in four separate areas of the U.S. during the 2012 planting season. These areas represent four of the nine Biomass Crop Assistance Program (BCAP) project areas for 2012 that were awarded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Miscanthus giganteus is our crop of choice due to its high yields, low nutrient requirements, wide growing area, and non-invasive characteristics. We have greatly reduced the historically high cost of planting miscanthus due to our establishment of thousands of "seed" acres and the custom manufacturing of mechanized planting equipment that significantly increases the rate at which miscanthus can be established. Existing equipment from AGCO, Stinger, and other manufacturers has proven to be efficient and cost-effective for harvesting and baling mature miscanthus (click for video).

Aloterra Project Areas

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In the same manner in which the oil industry established itself over 100 years ago, Aloterra is establishing biomass refineries in and around its "biomass reserves" in order to provide stable, consistent, and sustainable supplies of biomass for conversion to higher value products. From energy pellets, to sustainable packaging, to the next generation of liquid fuels, biomass can and will revolutionize how we live our daily lives. And who knows, biomass plantations like Aloterra's may provide more benefits than just better and more sustainable products.

This is real. This is happening today. Be a part of the revolution!

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