Shaping the future of energy production today.

Aloterra Energy develops vertically integrated biomass projects utilizing its extensive miscanthus rhizome supplies and expertise in miscanthus agronomy, logistics, manufacturing, and commodity markets. In this early stage of the biomass industry, Aloterra believes that biorefineries will need the stable, consistent, and sustainable biomass supplies that dedicated crops provide. Using another reference to the well-known petroleum industry, major investments in refineries are not made until a long term oil supply is secured and all logistics are known regarding the delivery of this supply to the refinery.

Aloterra is actively evaluating areas of the U.S. that have the following characteristics:

  • Under-utilized Land: Land that is not actively farmed or is minimally farmed. With over 40 million acres of idle land in the U.S., it is not necessary to convert land from traditional row crops to biomass.*
  • Existing Infrastructure: Efficient access to major highways, railways, and waterways.
  • Motivated Producers: Farmers and land owners who want a new cash crop.
*, Chapter 5